I know this is a topic that most would prefer not to discuss but maybe talking about it may save someone’s life.  “Mass Shootings”  I quote Fran Kafka ” Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have”

This Nation Security Chairman will place the emphasis of this program on “Mass Shootings.”

A gunman opens fire in your building. What do you do?

When you’re out in public, before settling into your seat or spot, ask yourself:  If there’s an attack, what will I do?  It only takes a moment to answer this question before you sit back, relax and enjoy your outing.  Think of it as making a regular deposits in a survival bank and the, if an emergency arises, being able to make a potentially lifesaving withdrawal.

At theaters and concerts, consider choosing seats on the aisle and close to exits.  At restaurants, sit with your back to the wall and face the entrance.

Before you relax, identify your escape routes and exit points, including doors, scalable fences and accessible windows.  If escaping a building isn’t a viable option during an attack, consider moving into rooms where you’re able to barricade yourself and others from the attacker.  If the attacker reaches that room, be ready to use an improvised weapon-fire extinguisher, scissors, pens, etc, to incapacitate him/her with speed, surprise and violence of action.

Take time to prepare an emergence action plan:

Knowing where the exits and entrances of a venue are located is important, but it’s not enough.

It’s also about “having that sense of being responsible for your own safety and not relying initially on professional law enforcement or emergency medical services-because realistically with these types of situations, law enforcement’s priority is not to treat or evacuate injured people but to locate the shooter and to stop them. RUN, HIDE, FIGHT!

Donna L Smith    Department National Security Chairman    donnalsmith1919@gmail.com

Have You Seen Your Legion Family at the VA Clinic in Oceanside?

Everywhere you look in the Oceanside VA Clinic you should see a member of the American Legion Family working side by side to better serve the veterans. The clinic opened in May 2010 and the Legion FAMILY began volunteering in July 2011. To date we have volunteered 19,367 hours equaling $445,429 of FREE LABOR. Between the American Legion Post 146, Auxiliary, Riders & Sons, it is truly a Family Affair. We can be found driving the Shuttle in the parking lots picking up Veterans and taking them to the front door of the clinic and then picking them up and taking them back to their cars. You can find us at the Front Desk assisting veterans with their needs. We love to serve our Snacks & Coffee to those veterans who are waiting for an appointment or just stop by the clinic for a bit of hospitality. The American Legion Auxiliary Unit 146 purchases/donates the Coffee & Snacks for the daily coffee program. Unit 146 donates Lap Blankets, Walker Bags, and Socks for our VA Healthcare programs. Check out the beautiful plants! Yes, we water them and keep the Clinic beautiful. Your American Legion Post 146 & American Legion Auxiliary Unit 146, American Legion Riders Chapter 146 & Sons of the American Legion are committed to our VETERANS. Please contact Mary Thorsten, Lead Volunteer at the Oceanside VA Clinic to see how you can make a difference.

You can email her at Mary.Thorsten@va.gov
or call her at (760) 645-4609

Address: 1300 Rancho Del Oro Dr., Oceanside, CA 92056

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 6:30AM – 5:30PM
Tuesday 6:30AM – 4:00PM
Saturday – Sunday Closed

PHONE: (760.643.2000)