What’s in a name?

We are the America Legion Auxiliary. We are not the Ladies Auxiliary, the Auxiliary Women of any Post, or members of any Post. Exception is, unless a dual member (a woman veteran belonging to the American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary) We are members of a Unit. We are the American Legion Auxiliary and therefore a part of the American Legion Family. Please note men make now be eligible for membership with the American Legion Auxiliary. We are a separately chartered organization. If the American Legion Post to whom we are attached by name and number surrenders their charter, it does not mean that the American Legion Auxiliary also surrenders their charter, they become a widow unit. There can only be one Unit carrying the name and number of a Post. The Sons of the American Legion and the Legion Riders are both programs of the American Legion and therefore, they disband in the event the American Legion Post turns in their charter.

When we use the name and number of the American Legion Auxiliary, it encompasses every member of the Unit. No one member or group of members has the right to use the name of the organization without permission of the body, meaning being brought up at a meeting, discussing it and then voting on the proposal, as it is a reflection on the entire membership. When we allow one or a small group of members to do this, it opens the door for every member to use the name and organization without permission and can cause huge ramifications. There is no rank among us, so it does not matter what title we hold now or in the past. Basic protocol and common brought to the floor, it becomes one individual or group doing the activity on their own, without benefit of the name of the organization, and Unit funds cannot be used.

Unit Bylaws Article IV section 9 states in part as Treasurer’s duties “She shall sign with the President all orders on the treasury that are authorized by the Unit.” That means that all expenditures have been voted on at a meeting, are in the Standing Rules, or a budget was voted on authorizing such expenditures.

100 Years of Service to Veterans
Donna L. Smith
District 22 President

Email: donnalsmith1919@gmail.com